Morgan Bayda Resume Wordle 2010

•  The above image serves as a glimpse of my professional identity as an educator, highlighting several of my strengths and interests as a critical thinker and learner alongside children, colleagues, families and the global community.

•  Please navigate through my pages to find photos and words describing my personal identity, teaching and transferable skills, and educational philosophy and beliefs.  You will also find a copy of my current professional resume, recent blog posts highlighting my thoughts and experiences around education and technology, and a resource-base of educational links important to my teaching practice.

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    9 responses

    30 03 2011
    monsenya chatman

    Morgan great job on your on your blog, I also agree the your presentation of your self was very creative one of a kind. I hope that one day I can be as creative.

    2 01 2011
    2010 in review « Morgan Bayda

    […] The busiest day of the year was May 29th with 154 views. The most popular post that day was untitled. […]

    27 06 2010
    Debra Shirley

    Thank you for including my book, Best Friend on Wheels, as a classroom resource on your Health for the Whole Child Website. Let me know when you are back in your classroom, and I will send you a signed copy to share with your students. If you would be interested, I would also be happy to respond to a letter from your students. Thanks and Happy Travels!

    Debra Shirley

    5 04 2010

    Hey I really liek the look of your wordle I am trying to make one of my own and I am having some difficulties. I was just wondering how you can make some words larger than other?

    5 04 2010

    Hi Jenna,

    The words appear larger when they appear more times. So if “Jenna” appears 5 times and “School” appears 3 times, “Jenna” will be larger than “School”. So I chose some specific words I wanted to stand out and copy/pasted them several times over.
    Good luck!

    4 03 2010

    Hi, thanks for replying, thats very cool that you want to be a teacher, What grade of students do you think your going to teach? are you hoping for any grade? I have a answer for your you question . You SHOULD DO BLOGGING WITH YOUR STUDENTS! It made me such a better writer and I have much longer paragraphs, I LOVE to write now, it make people so much better at ever thing! Thanks for the comment, don’t for get to leave another comment!
    Easton 😀

    3 03 2010

    Hi Morgan bayda, thanks you for the comment ! I have a question for you, what do you study? about? I love to blog. I really put my heart into that poem because i know how its feels to be that person! Well we all have been embarrassed before! Any way thanks you for the comment! Please come back.

    26 02 2010

    Love this Morgan! Looks great! I hadnt seen this done before but think it looks really awesome. You have me wanting to try one! What a great way to showcase your teaching. Very creative girl!

    26 02 2010

    Thanks! I got the idea from @acmcdonaldgp on Twitter. I basically just copied and pasted my resume into Wordle, with a few minor changes. I sifted through it and deleted most of the “and, of, the…etc” kind of words that are a non-descriptive. Also, the more times a word appears, the bigger it will be in your Wordle. So if you want a particular phrase to pop out, you can copy and paste it a few times to make it bigger (ie. you might want to do this for your name so it’s nice and noticeable!).
    Have fun and thanks for the comment!

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