Teaching Skills

Teaching and Instructing Skills:

Teach all subject areas for grades K – 6 in both distinctive and integrative ways.

Integrate Aboriginal content and perspectives across curricula

Adapt planning, environment and instructional strategies to ensure success of students with varying abilities.

Creatively apply Response to Intervention strategies to help students self-regulate.

Select and develop appropriate tools for authentic assessment (ex. rubrics, video oral assessments, self- and peer-)

Engage and communicate respectfully with students, parents and staff of diverse backgrounds (ex. School Community Council, parent-teacher interview process, meetings with parents and school counselor)

Guide students through the process of inquiry learning for critical thinking (ex. hands-on science inquiry experiments)

Initiate collaborative planning with Division staff, teachers and community: Science and Literacy Night (Greg Taylor, Regina Public), Aboriginal Innovators (Science Centre), Geometric Family Portrait Making (Parents), Story Telling and Drama Club (Community Coordinator), Hip Hop Club, Student Representative Council.

Attend specifically to the personal identity of each child

Transferable Skills:

Languages: English, French (basic)

Computer: Microsoft Office, class blogging, proficiency using video and Internet educational tools

Responsible, enthusiastic, determined

Committed to lifelong learning, professional development and personal growth


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