Self- and Family Portrait Making

14 02 2010

Reflective Inquiry, Artifact #1: My Self-Portrait

This artifact begins an emerging reflective inquiry into who I am as a curriculum-maker alongside families, children, and colleagues.  I begin with my identity, because it has shaped who I am as an educator and how I interact with students profoundly.  The geometric self-portrait I created shows important parts of my life.  I really enjoyed engaging in the project-based process of creating geometric self- and family- portraits with students and families in my internship as a way of honouring unique identities within our learning community!

Here are some examples of self- and family-portraits made by my grade 2/3 students and their families.  The self-portrait making was a longer, project-based initiative within our classroom, while the family-portraits were created during a single afternoon family workshop, where students taught their families how to make a geometric self-portrait together.