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I believe that students should see themselves as global citizens.
When students have a relationship with nature and therefore a connection to the wider world, they will become compassionate about caring for the Earth and supporting a sustainable future.



Professional Development


Connections to nature in my own life are what inspire me to conserve, recycle, and go outside!  Climbing the May Tree in the backyard, hiking, canoeing and swimming in the Qu’Appelle Valley, and tree planting in Northern BC are just a few ways that I connect with nature in my own life.  I have learned so much from the environment.


Helping students really get to know air, water, soil, and how they connect us all is how students learn to practice empathy when thinking about pollution and conservation.

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Posts that help explain my perspective on sustainability include:

Experimenting with Voicethread by Laura Michaluk (and my comment on this post): Laura explains how she is trying to save paper by using an online form for her day book

The Future of Marketing by Jennifer (and my comment on this post): thinking about waste in marketing and hope for the future

Artifact: Mail from the May Tree – How does this affect my practice?: My sincere connection to nature


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