Outlines and Identities

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I believe that children should lead wide awake lives by telling their own stories, inventing their own questions and recognizing the strength and value in themselves and their families.

As Caulkins says, “We cannot give children rich lives, but we can give them the lense to appreciate the richness that is already there in their lives.”

Or maybe, the richness comes from knowing that your unique outline is cherished and important.



Professional Development


Geometric Self Portraits encourage children to create an image of their identity that is more than what they look like.  The things, people, places, and values that are important to them are voiced and honoured as part of who they each are. See Self and Family Portrait Making.

A Unique Collection of Geometric Self Portraits for Grade 2/3!

Reflecting on the process…


Self Portrait Collages encourage students to look closely at their features and create a personal representation of themselves, while exploring the use of interesting materials.


Student Geometric and Collage Portraits:


Posts that help explain my perspective on outlines include:

A collection of 6 posts for a Reflective Inquiry project: finding my outline as a curriculum maker

Week of Baydas: intrinsic parts of my own identity

Self- and Family- Portrait Making

My Professional Identity in a Few Words


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