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I believe that building respectful, reciprocal relationships with families and communities is essential in valuing their deep and meaningful capacities.



Family Portrait Day is an event I initiated during my internship both to value families and their unique qualities, and to help the families in our grade 2/3 classroom to feel more comfortable at the school and realize their place as valued and important members of the school community.

• Family members of students in grade 2/3 attended this event for one full afternoon during the school week.

• A video and photo compilation was put together to show family members all of the hard work and play we had been doing in our classroom leading up to the creation of our geometric self portraits.

• Families brainstormed five things that were important to them, decided on a symbol to represent those five things, and drew out a symmetrical composition on large canvases.

• All members of the family helped to paint the beautiful geometric family portraits, grade 2s and 3s gladly leading the way based on the knowledge they gained in creating their own geometric self portraits.

• Coffee, juice, and snacks were offered to families, and each family took their gorgeous painting home that day to hang proudly at home.


Research Work: A Narrative Inquiry into Families and Communities Curriculum Making Experiences

As a research assistant for Dr. Janice Huber at the University of Regina, I am deeply engaged in a review of international research honouring the value of reciprocity with families and communities.

I further understand my role in creating receptive, respectful, community spaces that cherish families, children, and communities.

• As a part of this research, I was able to be a guest presenter alongside Dr. Huber at a meeting of the Early Years Concept Plan Steering Committee at the Regina Public Schools board office this winter.  Our presentation focused on collaboration with families and communities in curriculum making and other spaces, and was representative of  the many voices  of those (teachers, children, parents, grandparents, ancestors, researchers, and ministry) that have a stake in relationships at school.


Posts that help explain my perspective on families include:

A collection of 6 posts for a Reflective Inquiry project: finding my outline as a curriculum maker alongside families

Week of Baydas: how my family shapes my life and why I know families are important

A Glimpse At Key Ideas: a mind map explaining the direction for my research with Dr. Janice Huber

Self- and Family- Portrait Making


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