Authentic Assessment

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I believe that students should be able to demonstrate what they know in a way that makes sense to them.

♦  I am conscious of and know how to look for cultural bias in tests

♦  I believe authentic assessment involves integrating a variety of methods, for example, video, oral, demonstration, and observation.
♦  I believe that authentic assessment involves a strong element of trust between teachers and learners

♦  Reflective self-assessment and meta-cognition about student learning is an important tool for personal and academic growth



Videos are just one ‘alternative’ way I assess student learning in the classroom.  Sometimes, if you want to know what students know, you can ask them.  Videos give students, teachers and parents the opportunity to hear the processes of student thought and how they arrive at their learning, without the barriers of writing, reading, language, cultural or time constraints.

S talks about her painting, which was shown to parents during the Family Portrait Day, and during conferences.

Students recorded each other talking about the Earth's resources: which do you think is most important, water, air or soil? Why?

Many students chose all three resources as the most important, explaining that without one of them, the world could not be the same.

Using a Flip video to document what A's favourite type of rock is and why. Students chose a rock, decided where it came from/how it was made, gave it a scientific name, and then talked about it.


Posts that explain my thinking about assessment include:

Evolving Perspectives on Self- and Peer- Assessment by Morgan Bayda in response to Allysa Johnson

New Forms of Assessment by Stephanie Jones (see my comment on this interesting post)


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