Pictures and Places

27 06 2010

Thanks so much to all those of you who have been following my travels through my blog!  It means a lot to me to be able to share experiences and thoughts.  It has been a great way to connect and keep in touch while in far away places.

The time has finally come to get some pictures out there!  If you live anywhere within a near radius of where I live, chances are you’ve already sat through these.  If you haven’t, then in the next few posts you will find slideshows of the places, people, and projects that filled my trip to Costa Rica.

Thanks again and enjoy!

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2 responses

27 06 2010
Elizabeth Sells

Thank You Morgan. This is just what I was waiting for. What a phenomenally beautiful place. It is nice to know that places like this still exist where people can live in harmony with nature, life is simplistic and nothing is wasted. We all could learn a lot from the way of life there. I wonder who learned more from your short visit there. You or the children? I think I would definitely have taken more with me.

27 06 2010

I think the children were definitely my teachers more than anything…they taught me a lot as did the environment and its cycles. “Teacher” is actually a funny job title considering I learn so much from students and children every day.

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