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27 06 2010

Meeting people from the United States, Britain, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Bulgaria, and, of course, Costa Rica, opened my eyes to new ideas and ways of living and laughing.

The best things I am taking home from Costa Rica are not souvenirs, crafts, or even (gasp!)  coffee beans, but are links and connections to lives being lived all over the world.  I get excited each time I think about staying in touch with the friends I made in Costa Rica, and continuing to grow and learn through travel.

Ranch volunteers getting ready to teach a lesson at the elementary school

Basketball at the Salon (community centre)

With Fernando, Kattia and their grandson, the extremely generous Ticos who hosted me on my first night and helped me get to Mastatal.

Friends from Germany and the United States at the Wide Mouth Frog Backpackers Hostel in Quepos

Ranch volunteers preparing for the long hike home from the bus stop in the rain

Friends in the Hankey House

A surprise visit from a Mastatal student

Two students, C and M, visit the Ranch for some afternoon fun

Mastatal's Galacticos get ready for the big soccer game

A full kitchen!

Practicing Spanish with a frequently visiting neighbour and farmer

Posing with the Soda owner and Ranch confidant who answered my thousand questions patiently and walked me through the forest.

In San Jose with a friend from La Tortuga Feliz

Meeting friends from Britain, New Zealand, New York and Australia at La Tortuga Feliz!




5 responses

9 09 2011
Kimberly Lefferson

Ms. Bayda,

This is Kimberly from EDM310. I love looking through all your pictures and reading your blog posts. This lifestyle is so interesting. Doing something you love and traveling at the same time. Teaching others something and seeing them understand it for the first time is such an honor. I hope you have many more great travels and meet some new awesome people on your journey as a teacher. I hope when I start teaching I have as much success as you have been having all over the world.

30 11 2010
Brittney jolly

Ms. Bayda,

Your pictures are amazing and they really seem to tell a lot about the people and places that you have been to. I would love to get the chance to travel and teach others the things that I know. I feel like you learn so much from other cultures and to have to opportunity to experience that first hand is amazing. I am glad that you let others open your eyes and teach you things that you may have never knew or understood about their culture.

26 11 2010

Ms. Bayda,

This is Courtney from EDM310 again. I loved this post as well. It is great when you bring back memories with new friendships and relationships!! They are so much better than souvenirs or coffee beans. You’re pictures are so awesome. They capture the true essence of your experiences. It is great to learn new ideas, especially for teaching little ones!

Keep up the awesome work on your blog!


20 10 2010
Emily Pilotte

Hi Ms. Bayda! I loved looking at this post as well. The pictures showed that everyone involved had a wonderful time! It’s so great that you got to experience meeting people from all over the world as well. The connections you’ve made I’m sure will last a very long time. I have really enjoyed your blog!

9 09 2010
Lauren Myrick

Ms. Bayda,
I really love looking at all your pictures that you have posted from your experiences. I think it is so wonderful that you are able to learn from different cultures and from so many different people from all over the world. I have always wanted to take a trip to New Zealand and Costa Rica. I have two good friends who both have families that live in Costa Rica. They visit every summer, and since reading your blogs about your experiences in Costa Rica, I am thinking about taking a summer off and going to Costa Rica with them. I like how you stated that the people you have met have opened your eyes to new ideas and ways of living and laughing. That is something that I hope I can come across one day as a teacher.

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