Word Bridge

31 05 2010

It seems profoundly strange to realize that I have been in this country for little over two and and half weeks. Already I feel like I am part of a routine here, a smooth and fluid lifestyle that I am getting used to for my time here – but in reality am only just beginning.

Blogging has become more of a challenge while travelling than I originally anticipated. And not only (but most definitely in part) because of the issues of finding time, finding working internet, being able to navigate the net in Spanish, and composing nearly an entire post before experiencing techno-fatal power losses that cause all of those words to be lost somewhere in the great cyber abyss. I feel like I have struggled to blog and email lately for a deeper reason. I feel as though there is a disconnect between my words and thoughts, descriptions and feelings, reports and daily experiences. When what I want to say in reality might be to describe what it feels like to wake up with the sun bathing you from both sides, no walls or physical barriers between itself and you…what comes out is more like “I am doing great.  The weather has been sunny.”  Or, what I want to say might be that when I was surprised by a tarantula yesterday, a scorpian the day before, and several magnificent spiders each week, I could not help but marvel at the beauty of their existence, the strength and cunning packed into their tiny statures.  But instead, what comes out sounds more like “I saw a tarantula…eeeek!”.  I wish I could just transmit emotions, experiences and lessons to you all through some sort of wacky, long distance osmosis.  That you could hear the cicadas, whooping frogs, the constant sounds of the forest cycle that are surrounding me now as I pre-write this entry from underneath my mosquito net tonight.  That when I tasted my first sancoya fruit this afternoon (honest to goodness it is like someone made a delicious cream custard and injected it into an earthen pokemon ball), you would just know the quirky, smooth texture and light, refreshing taste of it. 

What I am trying to change is the feeling that it is the words that can seem to come in the way of understanding, and decide that, instead, carefully chosen words might be more of a bridge.  I think what makes like so important are the ways in which you share it.  And since osmosis does not always kick in just wen you need it, word bridges and, later, pictures will have to do the trick.

Even though I am tavelling and so this may not seem to be quite true, my experiences here are largely about routines.  The smooth, natural rhythms that guide the day – waking with the sun and growing tired with the setting of it, planting, harvesting and eating foods at just the right intervals, tuning your body in step with the cycles that come along with caring for animals, the local neighbours you greet the same way each morning when you pass at a certain (i.e. the only) corner, the multigenerational soccer games that seem to materialize here like clockwork. 

That is why I feel the disconnect when my emails come out as reports, because you don‘t report on natural routies and rhythms, you live them, and you share them. 

I am still searching for the best ways to share what I am learning with you…but in the meantime, share what you are learning with me too, okay?







5 responses

13 06 2010
Elizabeth Sells

Just keep doing more of what you are doing. Your choice of words could not be better to paint a vivid picture or make us crave for the taste of the local cuisine. Little things that you may not realize are interesting to us will only bring us closer to the experiences that you are having. Keep painting pictures for us to read. Thanks.

1 06 2010
Lindsay Millar

I can feel your happiness. some things that we experience are indescribable, and you may never find the words but I am glad you are experiencing them. can you imagine if our lives could be more simple? there is such beauty and happiness in simplicity. this place sounds like it was made for you. I have a feeling you are not going to want to leave! enjoy the everyday.

besos y abrazos (y sonrisas tambien!),

1 06 2010

Kudos. I agree wholeheartedly…the simplicity is absolutely where it is at. I think our lives could be more simple, it is the transition and making the space for it that is difficult.

1 06 2010

Sounds like you are having such a wonderful experience, Morgan!!! I can’t wait to see your pictures and hear more about it when you come home!! And, the FOOD! My mouth is watering as I read about the food! I wish, through osmosis, I could taste the food – especially the fruit! Mmmm, sancoya fruit – sounds deliciously out of this world!!!

1 06 2010

Thanks for your comment Corinne! I am transmitting juicy long-distance osmosis wavelengths to you as we speak! Mmmmm

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