Costa Rica!

19 04 2010

I am excited to be taking a wonderful opportunity to volunteer in Costa Rica from mid-May until the end of June! I will be volunteering at Rancho Mastatal for the first month, teaching English and working with children and young adults, contributing to the sustainable local harvest, and in whatever ways I can to help and be a part of the community of Mastatal. Following my adventures there, I’ll jet over to the Caribbean coast to do some endangered turtle conservation with La Tortuga Feliz. I am excited to learn about people, Spanish language, culture, and myself. I feel strongly that the cultural understandings I will gain in Costa Rica will strengthen the relationships I build with students, families and communities as a teacher, and so I look forward to the experience wholeheartedly!

I will blog about my experiences as often as I can while in Costa Rica. Check out the post category: Costa Rica

If you are a potential employer and would like to get in touch with me between May 15 and June 23, click here for my detailed contact information

Where Am I?





2 responses

16 05 2010

Hey Morgan,
This is really a good idea. I’m also really excited to hear what you are up to over there!!! Very cool to be working with turtles also!!!

Have fun!

30 04 2010
Holly Longenecker

Kudos to you! I’m excited to hear about the updates from your trip!I think your map is the coolest thing!

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