Personal Learning Reflection

15 04 2010

As I sat down to write out a tentative script for my personal reflection of learning for ECMP 355, so many experiences, tools, and lessons came to mind that I could scarcely wrap my head around it.  I drew out a map and got to work, and it was a really helpful exercise to go through the reflection, because it gave me that space to think about the class, where I started, and the places I’ve come to.

I did experience some frustration, though, in trying to use Jing.  For some reason I had trouble getting the capture size to match the screen in the way I needed it to, and my computer froze whenever I tried to click on other windows while recording.  After a long haul of trying to make it work over and over, I have to admit I gave up.  I hauled out the ol’ video camera, plunked it in front of my computer, and just filmed the screen that way with me talking in the background.  Of course, this means that the quality is not great.  In fact, the quality is somewhat brutal…with bobbing laptop screens and dark lighting.  Being at the end of my rope with tedious techniques… I let it got and decided that the message is what is important.

Though I apologize for the poor visual quality of the video, I hope you can recognize the value in the lessons learned instead.





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