Provocative Posting: Commenting Documentation

4 04 2010

A while ago, Dr. Couros posted some helpful suggestions for how we could do well in ECMP355.  Among his suggestions were: writing more provocative, critical thinking blog posts, connecting to and commenting on educator blogs around the world, motivating others by commenting on their blogs, and documenting everything.  My heart sank a little bit when I realized that perhaps the many comments I had left on the blogs of my classmates were going unnoticed.  Dr. Couros make a valuable point that it is important to document the process of your learning, as otherwise it can become invisible to teachers.

I have not done a very good job of documenting my frequent commenting on others’ blogs, here  on my own blog.  In fact I leave lots of comments, because I think the comment discussion is what really makes the blogging experience authentic, genuine, and important.  Many times, I would much rather leave a comment on someone’s post than just write about it in my own blog, because to me that is the point of all of this.  If a blog makes me think, wonder, or question something, the person who wrote that post should hear how their post made me think in a conversation directed right to them.  I realize I could have been linking to all of those comments all this time, and so that is what this post is for.  I have lots track of many of the comments I have left, but will direct you to some of the more recent ones below.  If you’re looking for those provocative, interesting (or just plain helpful) posts, try out some of these and post your own comment!

Unlearning With Podcasts by Laura

• Learn about The Education Podcast Network and find some suggestions from Laura for interesting podcasts

K-5 Resource Wiki by Kaitlyn

• Here’s a wiki you can go to and add some of your brilliant knowledge to help support other educators

To Blog or Not To Blog by Andrew

• Give Andrew some support for blogging motivation with your comment and discuss the limitations of the current Internship Placement Profile for evaluating pre-service teachers

Twitter Plans my Trip? by Jessica

• Jessica and I share yet another benefit to staying connect through Twitter: making travel plans…with help!

The Allen Degeneres Show by Kris

• A very humorous presentation starter on Trauma

The Future of Marketing by Jenny

• Jenny and I discuss the move from multimillion dollar marketing campaigns that use paper and posters, to marketing through digital social media

Final Project is Finally Done by Danelle

• Danelle and Katherine definitely deserve some viewers for their final project video: Extreme Cooking.  I watched it after a long day and it was a great giggle.
• A provocative documentary was made in Charleston, Mississippi when a high school rallied to have their first interracial prom night in recent years.  Until then, the school was integrated,  but all of it’s extra-curricular events were segregated – ie. one prom for black students, one prom for white students.  The only interracial couple in the school at their first public date at the prom, while a group of active parents still raised money to hold their own ‘whites only’ prom on a different night.  Wow.
• Laura uses Voicethread to explain how she’s changes the way she stays organized to save paper.
• Steph links back to Alan Stange’s blog where he talks about Detoxing students from grade-use.  This is really interesting and a helpful breakdown of what informal assessment can look like.
• Whitney and I share a love for plain old, cracked spine, page surfing books.  If you do too, leave her a comment!
• You’ve heard of people being fired, because of their facebook content.  But have you heard of someone getting fired on/through facebook?
• Callista asks for discussion about the new scholarship available to children of fallen Canadian soldiers.  What do you think about all the buzz?
• Jessica can point you in the direction of an interesting website which donates Rice to underprivileged families for each correct trivia question answered.
• Any ideas for how Erica can find ways to use Skype in the classroom?  I directed her to Blackimoto’s tutorials.
• Alyssa’s post inspired me to write about my evolving perspectives on self- and peer- assessment
• Annick’s post about how technology is changing how people perceive Elders inspired me to write about Neil Postman’s Technolopoly: Blessings and Burdens.



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