Potato Famine/Failure – Stop Motion Update

30 03 2010

I thought it was pretty clever when my dad suggested that I make my stop motion video (for the final project) about Potato Famine, only in my video the characters would all be Potatoes…dealing with a food crisis.  I couldn’t help but go ahead with it!

I got the potatoes (making sure to have diversity of potato ages and skin colours).  I made some little outfits for the main family.  I constructed a ridiculous set with synthetic lawn pieces and green blankets…..and then I realized I hadn’t yet come up with a way to make the potatoes stand up, let alone stand well enough for me to reposition them every frame.

Mistake!  I tried nails to help the potatoes stand, but found them pretty finicky when the potatoes were ‘frolicking’ on my soft grassy set.  Can you see how this is turning into a gong show already?  It gets even better.  I attached clear thread to the tops of the heads of the smaller potatoes, so I could easily make them jump around.  Apparently ‘clear’ does not mean ‘invisible’ (who knew?) and thread=too wimpy to hold up jumping potatoes.  I could go on.  So the point it, I gave up on the Potato Famine stop motion pretty quickly.  Actually, the real point is, I learned a lot.  I am refining my technique and learning more and more about the finer details of motion in general each time I go through this process.  I’m on to plan B (or is it C?) and it’s going really well!  Tedious and time consuming, but too fun and neat to not put the work in.  Can’t wait to share it when it’s done!

Though I only completed the first little bit of the video and stopped, I though I may as well put it together to show my progression with stop motion.  Without further ado: Potato Famine Failure!




2 responses

8 04 2010

This video is by no means a fail! Made me laugh. It was a creative idea. Stop motion is definitely not an easy art form. I thought you did great even though the potatoes gave you a bit of trouble. Have you ever heard the song Carrot Juice is Murder by the arrogant worms? I think you would get a kick out of it after making this video. Good job! you should finish it.

12 04 2010

Thanks Allyson!

I will check out that song 🙂

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