Culminating Reflective Inquiry Into My Educational Practice

30 03 2010

For my ECE 445 class, I am engaging in a reflective Inquiry process. Though at the beginning of that process, I vowed to blog about all of the artifacts and stories I was delving into in my Works in Progress Group in class, the vow has been broken! Still, as the project and process draw to a close for now, I’ll share some of what I’ve learned.

Here’s a brief list of the ‘assignments’ or artifacts we were asked to reflect upon and what I chose:

• Week One – Any artifact representing who I am as a Curriculum Maker – My Geometric Self Portrait (post)

• Week Two – An artifact representing place – Photos of my cottage and grandparents there

• Week Three – An artifact representing a connection with some living being – A pressed bloom from the May Tree in the backyard along with a letter

• Week Four – An artifact representing a memory of joy – Froggy the beanbag frog, my childhood friend

• Week Five – An artifact representing tension within my teaching practice – An invitation to a School Community BBQ where I experienced tension between my own practice and the practices of some other staff members regarding the respect and value of parents and families

In the next few posts, I’ll reflect upon what I learned from three of the artifacts I chose to focus on, using a template of four commonplaces: Teacher, Learner, Subject Matter, and Milieu.




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12 04 2010
So then, who am I as a curriclum maker? « Morgan Bayda

[…] five artifacts (representing myself, place, a memory of joy, a connection to a living being, and tension) I looked […]

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