Rogan Licks

25 03 2010

I am in the process (the long, tedious process!) of creating a stop motion video for my final project.  When I noticed that my FlipShare software for my Flip video camera allows me to take snapshots of very specific frames throughout a video, I thought I’d try to take a real video, and then collect several snapshots from it and turn those into a stop motion video.  Is this cheating in the stop motion world?  Probably. I won’t be doing my final project this way, because I want to make inanimate objects move, and they aren’t just going to get up and dance on their own!

Still, it was a neat experience for several reasons: to experiment with the amount of frames needed for just a few seconds of video (about 140 for this 12 second video), to experiment with using iMovie HD to create a stop motion, and to experiment with the various effects that can be added using iMovie HD.  Safe to say, an experimental project! It was also very neat to explore motion by looking at each individual frame in the video.  I think I wish I would have taken fewer snapshots from the one video, because the stop motion looks more like slow motion…a little ‘too’ smooth in this case.  I am getting a little nervous at the prospect of just how many pictures I am going to need to create my stop motion, but am ready to lunge FULLY into it this weekend and see how far I get.

Below are two versions of “Rogan Licks”, the first is without effects and the second contains a few too many…but hey, it’s an experiment, right?




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