Connecting with Professor Strange’s Classes

23 03 2010

A while ago, my post titled An Open Letter To Educators sparked the interest of John Strange, professor of Professional Studies at the University of South Alabama.  Professor Strange decided to have his Education students to comment on my post as an assignment for their course, which deals with preparing aspiring teachers to be technologically literate.

You can imagine I was thrilled to hear that several university students miles and miles away would be reading my post and sharing their own thoughts with me!  The comments are starting to trickle in now and it is really exciting to talk with other students and hear what they think.

I started using Google Alerts to help me track my digital footprint, and found out that two of Professor Strange’s students have actually written their own blog post about my post and Dan Brown’s video.  If you’re interested in seeing how this is all unfolding, you can check out Carlecia’s post and Caitlyn’s post and my comments on both.

I’m also excited because Professor Strange asked if I would have a Skype conversation with one of his classes about the post topic as well as about some research I’m currently taking part in to do with families, communities, and how they interact with schools.  I’m really excited for this conversation to happen!  We should be Skyping sometime in early April, and then hopefully I will record the conversation somehow and post it to my blog.

As this all unfolds I’m thinking…this is what this is all about:  connecting, sharing, becoming part of a larger learning community.




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28 03 2010
Jackie G.

Hello, Morgan,

One of the many great tools that we are developing in our EDM310 class is our professional learning network. It was neat to see you reference you PLN in your home page. The connection with other teachers anywhere in the world has been my most enlightening lesson this semester. I’m glad that we have been able to connect with you, another teacher early in her career. Dr. Strange has introduced us to a few other newer teachers that have been helpful such as William Chamberlain and Joe McClung,

Jamie Lynn, I and some others are working on an alumni blog for EDM310 students once we move on. I would love to pick your brain on some ideas you may have for useful content, since you’re now in the field.

Take care,

Jackie Gorski
Secondary Education/Math
University of South Alabama

Check out our class blog if you have an interest,

12 04 2010

Thanks for your comment Jackie! I think we share the same enlightenment…Dr. Couros definitely opened my eyes to the incredible world of social networking and PLN. Let me know if I can be of any help,

27 03 2010
Jamie Lynn Miller

Hi Morgan,

I am a student in Dr. Strange’s class, and I love that we are connecting with so many different people. I am not sure if I can attend the Skype session, but your blog is extremely helpful, and I am certain that I will be asking you questions. If you don’t mind of course. I am excited to find out more about what you are doing. Thanks for connecting with us.

Jamie Lynn Miller

27 03 2010

Hi Jamie Lynn!

Thanks for your message. I find all of these connections exciting and so, so helpful. I absolutely do not mind questions…I am so thankful to the people that have answered mine this semester and still answer them.


24 03 2010

I still find the way the internet has brought the world amazing!
There was a day I would have never thought this kind of networking would be possible, today I can connect with teachers all over the world.

24 03 2010

Hi Tabitha

I feel absolutely amazed sometimes too! I wonder if that means that students will be even more amazed at the networking connections online, or if they will just ‘get it’, given the age they are growing up in.

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