I Carry Your Heart With Me: Poem Screencast

16 03 2010

I decided to try out Sketchcast after learning we would be discusing it in class tomorrow, but was unimpressed as the program kept automatically deleting the text I would type in.  I’m sure it is just an isolated malfunction, as I’ve had success with Sketchcast in the past (long ago!).

I already had my heart set on making a text-cast (Sketchcast, but with text and no images) about my favourite poem, I Carry Your Heart With Me by E.E. Cummings.  Can’t even describe how much I love this poem.  Maybe if I share it, you can enjoy it as much as I do!  So I went searching for tools that I might be able to capture text in real time with, but came up empty handed.  I decided to try out Jing for the first time instead, and eventually settled on using Art Pad to do the text-sketch.  I had fun doing this, and once I set my mind to it, I had to see it through to completion!  It doesn’t seem complicated, but you wouldn’t believe how many times I had to start over.  I recorded the process using Jing , played a great song in the background, and there you have it!

Here is a a shot of the beginning and ending of my poem screencast (see below for a link to the screencast):

Please check out this link to see the actual screencast: I Carry Your Heart With Me




2 responses

16 03 2010

What a fantastic screencast Morgan! I also love the poem. Ever since I saw it on the movie In Her Shoes my sister and I both fell in love with it and have actually been thinking about incorporating it somehow into a tattoo representation. Great job!

16 03 2010

Thanks Laura! That would make a pretty meaningful tattoo. Ah what a beautiful poem.. 🙂

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