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14 03 2010

How many times have you been in a class where a Jeopardy-like game format is used to present or review concepts?  Here’s a way to do it a little easier…teachers can use Jeopardy Labs to create a simple and easily used online game board. Here’s an example:

When a number is clicked on, the ‘answer’ appears, and students take time to say the correct ‘question’ out loud.  Then, they can check the answer with another click, and can keep track of score (or not) at the bottom of the game.  Could be a fun, interactive way to do a review period using a data projector with the whole class, or a good way for partners to quiz each other during extra time.  The Jeopardy Game a teacher creates gets its own URL, so multiple students or groups could use it at a time.


P.S. Rather than starting a whole new post…I’ll just move down here.  The posts by Teach Paperless are always quite interesting.  Just a minute ago I came across a post talking about using JING to assess and provide commentary for online student writing.  Here’s an example of how this teacher might use JING to ‘converse’ with a student about the progression of their blog post, without necessarily having to post private evaluation data in the format of a comment on their post:  Example




13 responses

28 03 2010
Jackie G.

Hello, Morgan,

I’m a student at the University of South Alabama obtaining my Secondary Education/Math certification. As a student enrolled in Dr. Strange’s EDM310, Technology in Education class, I’ve been pointed in the direction of your blog and what an experience it is. Great blog!

The Jeopardy Labs game came across my Google Reader a couple of weeks ago. After creating a test game, I came up with MANY uses for the software. I had to forward it on to preschool, first grade, second grade and seventh grade teachers. My preschool teacher friend is going to use it for sightword learning. The math teacher is going to use it for math review. I’ve tucked this into my collection of tools for when I’m in the classroom.

It’s easy to set up and free, and a worthwhile try.

Thanks for sharing,
Jackie Gorski
University of South Alabama
Secondary Education/Math
EDM310 Student

31 03 2010

Hi Jackie!

Thanks for your support. I’m glad to see you have had a great experience with this tool and are passing it along to others. That’s awesome!

23 03 2010

I used this program for my ELNG 326 class…I think it is a great program! thanks for sharing!!

23 03 2010

Glad you think so! It’s good to hear the program actually works from someone who knows it!

17 03 2010

Jeopardy is my favourite show and I loved playing it in the classroom (we always used the chalk board). This is a neat idea and I will have to check out Teach Paperless. Thank-you for these resources.

17 03 2010
Morgan Bayda

Thanks for your comment Jenny,

Definitely check out Teach Paperless, his posts often make me think.

16 03 2010

Great resource!! My company used to play Jeopardy on retreats and I always wondered how they did it!! Good to know, thanks!

15 03 2010

Thanks for sharing this fun and helpful resource!

16 03 2010

Thanks for your comment, glad you found this helpful!

15 03 2010

I also love the idea of using the Jeopardy game! Great idea Morgan- and thanks for sharing with us this excellent resource!!

14 03 2010

Glad you can find this useful Jessica and Laura!

14 03 2010

This is a great resource! I played jeopardy with my classes a few times during internship, but I made them out of paper. This is way better! Awesome find!

14 03 2010

I love that jeopardy game!! I am trying to think of a way to incorporate it into a presentation… hmm

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