Poem Goes Out on the Town

12 03 2010

Friday afternoon…fun with flikrspell! Made an acrostic poem “Teacher” on the Read*Write*Think website and here it is looking like it’s ready for a night out on the town web.

typewriter key letter TIMG_5701_2yletter iIMG_5682G

letter EVletter ECSC_0019_2letter YDa57Y

ALWAletter YBig Letter S

IMG_5671_4H-otelIMG_5574_3N (Washington, DC)DSC_0025_2_2typewriter key letter Ica N adianG
letter HIMG_5549IMG_5571IMG_5642letter TDSC_0025_2


letter REACHiletter NG




4 responses

15 03 2010

This is really awesome, thanks for the idea!

16 03 2010

Thanks! I had lots of fun making and posting it

14 03 2010

This is great and really neat! It is poem that is powerful because of its simplicity. Beautiful work. Being an English teacher I am really excited about trying this resource out and trying to incorporate it into my classroom.

14 03 2010

Thanks Jessica!
I’m such a visual person so I love the artistic options with Flikrspell…might be a good tool to start kids recognizing letters in the environment.

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