A Glimpse at Key Ideas

7 03 2010

Moving from a perspective and practice where schools show a need to build the capacities of families and communities, to a perspective and practice where schools, communities and families engage in reciprocal relationships, sharing their many and differing capacities.

I used Creately to make this concept map explaining the key idea in some research I am engaged with this semester, concerning how to create deeper collaborative links between school, families and communities.  I am very excited about this research and will be sharing more soon!

On a side note, I am finding Creately is a great way to create wonderful concept maps online.  You can use pictures, shapes, all kinds of colours and styles, and many kinds of templates are available as starting places.  I have been getting lots of advice about using organizational tools and templates to help students with ADHD or similar learning challenges to organize their thoughts, notes, and self-regulate/self-monitor.  I think Creately could be a great tool for teachers (or students) to start to organize thoughts.




2 responses

11 03 2010
Jill Aasen

Morgan- Thanks for showing an example to use creately.com! It seems like a great tool and and resource!

8 03 2010
Corinne Thomas

Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t heard of or seen examples of creately.com. Great resource! Best of luck to you in your endeavours.

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