What Am I Talking About?

18 02 2010

Here’s a glimpse of what I’ve been blogging about so far…

My Blog on Feb 18

(via Wordle)




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8 03 2010

Hi Morgan! Loved this wordle. I created one a few days ago and now I’m just trying to upload it on my blog. Would you be able to tell me how you did it? Thanks! 🙂 -Allysa

8 03 2010

Hi Allysa! I’d love to see your Wordle once you’ve got it up there! Since you can’t embed Wordle images right from the Wordle site, here’s how I do it:

1. Make your Wordle
2. View your Wordle as big as you can on the internet screen (sometimes I use the zoom buttons under ‘view’ to make it bigger)
3. Take a screenshot. On a Mac computer (which is what I use) I press command + shift+3. Then the screenshot is automatically saved to my desktop as and image, called “image 1”. If you use Windows 7 or Windows vista, I think there is a button on the keyboard called the “snipping tool” that you would use to take a screenshot, but I’m not sure. Best to just google it if you don’t have a Mac, or ask someone who is more savvy than me!
4. Use photo editing software to crop the screenshot so that only your Wordle image remains, and not all the other stuff. If you don’t have iPhoto or an equivalent program, http://www.fotoflexer.com is a great site where you can edit photos easily right online and save them to your computer.
5. So now you should have an image of your Wordle!
6. While writing a new post on your blog, click on the “add a photo” button and upload the photo file from your computer. BAM there it is in your post!

In this discussion on our ECMP ning there is an example of what the screenshot might look like before you crop it and what it will look like after your crop it. http://ecmp355.ning.com/forum/topics/need-help

Thanks for checking this out! Let me know when you have yours up and I’ll come take a look 🙂

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