Incredible Voicethread Collaboration

15 02 2010

I was browsing the web when I came across Kevin Jarrett’s blog post about how Twitter saved his Kindergarten lesson.  Jarrett’s comments on the incredible learning opportunities that come with being part of an active PLN were inspiring, but more than that, the resulting Voicethread generated from the help he received from his PLN (this help coming from his network on Twitter) is an absolute gem of a teaching story.

Jarrett’s Kindergartens were embarking on a project about Farming.  His use of Voicethread was not to simply create a slideshow for the students to view about farms,  but it became an example of true digital collaboration which included the Kindergartens in the process.  A couple of slides were posted explaining the project.  As his PLN continued to contribute to the project, they would add slides or videos alongside an oral description, making sure to include their name and an explanation of where they are from.  Additionally, the Kindergartens added their own voices to the slides, asking questions about farms and voicing them aloud to the world.  Typically the same members of Jarrett’s PLN that contributed originally, but also other people who wanted to help answer the students’ questions (educators, farmers, and even another student learning about farming), added additional slides or videos or simply used Voicethread orally to help answer the child’s question.

I think this Voicethread collaboration is a stunning example of the opportunities that are created when teachers and students participate meaningfully in the digital community of learners.

Check out The Voicethread here

Check out Kevin Jarrett’s blog post “Pedagogical Serendipity” here




One response

15 02 2010
Kevin Jarrett

Hi Morgan!

So thrilled my story – and lesson – spoke to you.

Ready to REALLY get blown away?

I spent more time writing the blog post than I did actually planning the lesson. I’m not kidding.

I made the connections on Twitter, built the Voicethread then got out of the way.

As my teenage daughter would say:


Looking forward to staying in touch,


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