Long Time No Talk?

13 02 2010

Blogging is hard!  For me right now, anyway.  At first when I created this blog and put out my first post, I was sure I’d be blogging away regularly, judging by my sheer excitement at becoming part of a new kind of community this way.

I still feel excited about blogging, but I am finding it difficult to “keep up” so that my blog posts actually reflect my thoughts and not just my assignments for ECMP 355.  It is becoming one more to-do list that I never get to cross off.  I’ve been jotting down interesting things I see or think about with a note to write a post about them, but I never seem to be able to commit to making my thoughts public.

The list:

• Interesting Maori Educational Curriculum  Te Whariki creates an incredibly inspiring landscape for reclaiming Indigenous education and promoting equitable diversity in schools

• PBS Digital Nation: thoughts about digital war and gaming recruitment process

• Web 2.0 Tools I am discovering and am impressed with

• Interesting News report on February 11: the incredible team and technology working behind the scenes to broadcast the Olympics in as many ways as possible

• Protests in Vancouver hold a “Poverty Olympics 2010”; how many of us actually consider the other perspective?  These protests remind me of a similar upcoming controversial stadium in Regina…

I think perhaps what I find difficult about blogging is that I know my words will be public, so I want to take care in writing them and make sure I represent my thoughts accurately.  It is easy to think something, but then to articulate it is another thing entirely.  I am going to boost my blogging effort this week especially and see if I can create more of a habit of it!

Does anyone have tips on how to be a more consistent blogger, or how to get rolling as a new blogger?

Much appreciated 🙂




2 responses

13 02 2010
Alan Stange

I struggle with this too. There are some good tips. Just remember two things to begin with. Don’t worry about saying something significant and it is okay to keep the posts short. Sometimes all I do is share an interesting web site I came across. Don’t stress it, just try to have some fun.

13 02 2010

Thanks so much for the advice! Good advice, at that.

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