Tech Task #4: Fun With Turtles on Photostory3

28 01 2010

Digital storytelling is something that really appeals to me. I am such a visual person, and a well done slide show, stop-motion, or video can really pack a powerful message. In our ECMP355 class, we were challenged to create a digital story using any digital storytelling tool we wanted.

Jill, Laura and I decided to create a short story for fun about how Clarence the turtle’s good friend Benny helps him to come out of his shell and join the world (yup, we are meant for Early Childhood Education), by asking for help from all of his good friends on Twitter.

Hope you enjoy it!

(note: We used the annotation tool on You Tube to add some extra photo credits to our video, but they seem to only show up if you watch the video in full screen.)




2 responses

28 01 2010

Very nice ladies!!! Love the voices of the characters!!! Did you use Photostory?

29 01 2010

Thanks Corinne! We had a blast making it together. Yes, we used Photostory 3. I’m quite impressed with the program it was so easy and you can do lots when you add sound, I only wish it existed for Mac!

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