Prezi Discoveries!

21 01 2010

Oh boy I have given up trying to embed this thing into my post! I will post a link instead…
I created a Prezi presentation to try it out and see if I will want to use it for some of my class projects. The thing I like the most about Prezi is that, unlike PowerPoint, it allows me to show information the way I think it…like a concept map!
Check out my first Prezi here:

Just for fun, I am going to throw in some screen shots of my presentation! Way cooler to see it move though!




4 responses

21 01 2010

Thanks for the comments! I agree Jill all of these things we are learning are very amazing! Not just because they are cool, either, but because of the impressively useful applications they can have in our lives and our students’ lives.

21 01 2010

Hi Morgan!
Good job with the prezi- I am very impressed:) All of these new things that we are learning are so amazing hey!!!
Your blog looks great!

21 01 2010

hey morgan! Looks like a pretty sweet program, hopefully I can figure out how to work with it to

21 01 2010

Hello Morgan,

I viewed your prezi trial, so far it looks great!! It is a pretty amazing program.

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