15 01 2010

After watching the Welcome To My PLE Video (PLE = personal learning environment) Dr. Couros posted on our Ning site for ECMP 355, I was inspired to check out an internet tool I had never heard of before: Glogster!  My interpretation is that Glogster is supposed to be like  blogging… only with the use of a make-your-own-poster tool.  You can easily create a cool poster with interesting designs, and you can also add video, music, your own images, and document links to your poster.  In the Welcome To My PLE Video, a grade seven girl explains how she used Glogster to to create a digital poster showing what she learned about box jellyfish.  Thanks to Glogster, her poster included video, music, pictures and information.  Glogster is kind of like blogging (or so I gather), so she was able to publish her poster to be shared with anyone, and she easily emailed it to two different scientific professionals to get some feedback.

I am amazed at this young girl’s technological proficiency!  I decided to check out Glogster for myself and I am excited to see what ways I could use this in a classroom.  I do wonder if all of the content on Glogster (i.e. glogs that other people create and share with the public) can be guaranteed to be appropriate for students, since anyone can use Glogster.  I hope there is some easy way around that.  Anyways.  I just wanted to let you all know about glogs!  I created one (above) just for fun to see how easy it is and what all of the options are.  Go and check it out and make your own!




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